Thursday, May 26, 2011

Story time

This morning I was walking out of my apartment behind a nanny and a little adorable baby toddler (who was wearing a pink tutu and pigtails on top of her head...I was dying). As the three of us were walking out, there was another nanny and another adorable 2 year old (also in pigtails) waiting for them on the sidewalk. The girls saw each other, squealed and then did a baby run to each other and hugged for a good minute.

I stopped dead in my tracks and just stood there watching as they cooed and squealed and hugged. After a minute they separated, started walking away, then both turned back, squealed and hugged again like they didn't get enough the first time.

I was completely frozen, startled by the cuteness and the innocence and the pure love shared between the little friends.

At that moment, I felt such a love for my friends I can't even describe it. I caught myself looking down and almost saying out loud to the toddlers "You guys, I know!" Because I totally knew how those girls felt- sometimes you just want to squeal and hug your friends tight and not let go.

Down the road, I saw 2 baby frenchie bulldogs wrestling on the sidewalk. As I turned the corner to continue on my way, I couldn't help but smile and think that there is honestly no better way to start the day....