Friday, May 6, 2011

A springy revelation

Oh boy it's getting toasty out. I can almost taste the lazy afternoons filled with sangria, sun bathing and watching shirtless boys play frisbee in the park. Siiigh.

It's all nice and dandy and lovely that spring is finally here but with the warmer weather came the horrible realization that I'm out of clothes. Out. No more. I have none.

Seriously, if I don't act swiftly and get to shopping, I'll soon be watching those frisbee boys while sitting in the park in the nude. And while that might get me a couple of phone know those are not the kind of boys I'd bring home to Mom.

I have a point here I promise.

See, the lack of wardrobe directly correlates with my lack of personal funds. Broke broke broke = naked naked naked. But! Alas! The Tax Refund Fairy came!

So I'm setting aside some money and with the help of Life Coach, Rachel Darrow, I'm going to build myself an entire new wardrobe. I'll be blogging throughout the process for your reading pleasure. You're welcome.

Step 1-
Completely go through my closet and purge anything that I haven't worn in a year. Oprah taught me that.

Step 2-
Roam the city on a warm, Saturday afternoon and awkwardly take pictures of girls on my cell phone for "research."

Step 3-
Shopping game plan. I'm picturing it involving lots of staple pieces, maybe a few surprises and definitely some glitter.

Step 4-
Pose in said new clothes and take pictures so that the internet can bask in my glory. I'll pretend I'm her. And her. And her. Definitely her.

Raise your hand if you're excited!

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