Monday, May 3, 2010

Back it up, back it up

Editors note: I'm so sick right now and it's taking me forever to blog- I keep catching crazy typos (I'm straight up not speaking coherently) so fair warning I forfeit responsibility for the literary integrity of the next few posts.

Before I get started on my glorious weekend's worth of posting- I should probably back it up and recap last weekend first. My week in a black hole has left me with a pile up of material to post and it's really starting to stress me out. It's looking like my next couple of weeks are going to be intense at work as bear with me people! I love you, I promise!

While I've been drowning at work, my past few weekends have been absolutely lovely!!

"Whoooo CARES?"

Robbie and his mom came to visit!! Thursday night dinner at Westville East, Friday night dinner at Lupa YUM! Saturday- bagels and street festivals and St. Mark's shopping.

Saturday night tickets to the Tribeca screening of Every Day starring Helen Hunt and Liev Schriever (to lazy to look up the spelling). Worst. Movie. Ever. I would write a full scathing review right now, but my energy could be better spent blowing my nose. It was cool seeing the stars on the red carpet and the film was followed by a cast/director Q&A session that was also pretty cool. Too bad the movie sucked.

Jackie, Liz and Robbie. Not pictured, the lovely rad-tastic Rada.

The fun continued at Lombardi's where we had the most ah-mazing pizza. The white pizza
Robbie ordered (in the background) definitely dominated the meatball, onion, mushroom, red pepper combination we had going but still excellent. Liz and Jackie's favorite part of the whole meal was the pitchers of RC Cola. It's the simple pleasures in life really.

The night continued at the Tribecca Grand Hotel- fun DJ, fun fun times had by all! Sunday- Ess-a and Friend of a Farmer with Robbie and his mom. Perfect, perfect end to a perfect weekend!

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