Friday, May 21, 2010

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

Sometimes I close my eyes and I picture a world where puppies are softer than clouds and they don't make a sound and just sit in your arms and smile and act happy. Then I met Sebastian and all my dreams came true.

You guys, this dog is perfection. PERFECTION. I am having a hard time typing because I keep fighting the urge to make hand gestures and squealy sounds while talking about him. Allow me describe. Jackie got a puppy for graduation. His name is Sebastian. Exhibit A:

Jackie and her new baby

This picture doesn't really do justice to how soft he really is. Picture the softest thing on the planet (aka my dog Sophie's ears) then multiply that by 100. Saby (or Bass- we can't quite nail down the nickname) is 4 months old. He is so floppy and adorable and PERFECT. He doesn't make a sound, he doesn't bark or whimper. He literally just smiles and flops and hops and smiles. One of the cutest moments of the night was when he hopped over a puddle. I wish I had a video.

I did get this video though!

The best part about him is how sleepy he is because he's still a little teeny baby. We took him to dinner with us and had to put him on the other side of the partition where we were sitting because the outdoor patio didn't allow dogs. (let me get this straight New York, you can bring dogs in grocery stores and dry cleaners and nail salons but you can't have them sit at your feet in the outdoor seating area? Pishaw) So little Sebastian had to sit next to us on the other side of the fence. Everyone was stopping because he was so adorable and every time someone bent down, he wanted to be picked up. Because he's a baby little teeny baby.
So I couldn't take it anymore and I went and picked him up. 30 seconds later he was dead asleep in my arms and didn't move for 30 minutes. We didn't realize all he wanted to do was go to sleep!!!

Sleeping baby

He is such a cuddler that he wasn't comfy sleeping on the ground!!! He kept nuzzling into my neck and trying to bury himself into my arms (I'm doing the hand gesture, squealy noise thing again eeeee). He kept having puppy dreams and waking himself up. God, I'm in love. PS- Jackie and Lauren, I'm moving in.

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  1. This is the big dog, jackies daddy. We love reading your blog and looking at the pictures of our granddog.