Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top Chef D.C.!!!!!

The Top Chef Season 7 contestants/city/judges were just announced!!!!!! This year the 15 contestants will be competing in Washington D.C.!!!! And Eric Ripert is judging!

I love exclamation points!!!!!!

Every time a new city is announced, Carli and I like to try and guess the challenges they might do. For instance, in Chicago I guessed they would have to build a new version of a deep dish pizza, update the classic Vienna Beef hot dog and go to a Cubs game. I don't think they had to do any of those thing..I don't really remember.

Anyway!!! I wonder what they'll do for D.C.?? How cool would it be if they went to the White House??!! I'm guessing they're going to be have to:

-Cater a meal for a senate session
-Lobby to get healthier food in school lunches, then cook a healthy school lunch (oh wait didn't they already do something like that once?)
- Serve a meal at a museum party
- Do something on the Mall- I don't know what.
- Cook an entire meal using pre-colonial ingredients and supplies hahah

What are your guesses? Leave comments!!

PS- I just cheated a little and saw on the Bravo website what some of the challenges are:
"The chefs take over the concession stands at the Nationals stadium, go inside the CIA's closely guarded headquarters and literally receive out of this world direction on one challenge from a NASA astronaut orbiting Earth."
OMG I'm so excited.

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