Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's keep this video theme going...

Some mayyy-jor posts are coming your way people. I have to gather my thoughts, chug a couple more iced coffees and bask in the glory that was my whirlwind trip to San Diego to surprise my Ma (it was a wonderful success). In the meantime, let's keep with the theme of the past week of posts- here's a couple more videos for your viewing pleasure!!

Don't love Coldplay but this video is unbelievable. Me and Dave sat at work for too long to admit trying to decipher if this was really chalk on the ground or if this was animated afterwards- the verdict is Chris Martin was definitely swimming on the ground but that the animations were added after. We don't actually know for sure though- still so cool.

Watch this and try not to be mesmirized. I can't get enough of the subtle story line.

San Diego recap coming up soon!!

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