Friday, November 5, 2010

Cold and hungry brr

I had my summer lunch routine down pat. For those warm summer months, I kept spinach, shredded carrots, turkey slices and spray dressing in the fridge at work. Throw some almonds on and mmmmm. Weirdly that little salad was completely satisfying each day.

Sidebar: This is totally unlike the eating habits of my father. Not only will he not repeat the same meal, he will not even repeat parts of the meal. If he ate chicken for lunch he can't have chicken for like 2 days after, even if it is prepared totally differently. This drives my mom crazy. She'll want to cook a delicious dinner of..say.. barbecued chicken and my Dad will come home and nicely tell her that he had sesame chicken for lunch. Blink blink. Um, yes? What's the problem? Cue (loving) eye rolling and reconfiguring of menus. I've been told he's gotten much better. Dad, can you please leave a comment and defend yourself?

With the recent change in weather, my food mood has started to shift and I can't get a good lunch routine figured out. Sure, I can bring canned soup or even heat up a nice, warm Lean Cuisine... but both are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Let's be honest, I'm starting to crave a diet consisting only of pizza and hot apple cider. Clearly that's a problem (or is it?)...I desperately need to come up with some good, filling, healthy solutions.

$9.99 Dave (his new official name) has the lunch situation totally figured out. Please feast your eyes (pun?) on the most awesome purchase ever.

It's like a sandwich trapper keeper and I think I need one.

Candy corn? Well done, my friend.

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