Friday, November 12, 2010

Warm, healthy lunch options #1

Because I know you care...I've been on a quest for winter lunch at the office options. This yummy in my tummy lunch comes courtesy of Trader Joe's. The butternut squash soup is warm and creamy and totally hits the spot. Definite bonus points for the re-sealable container that makes this the perfect keep-at-the-office option. I heat the soup up and put a couple of croutons in the bowl (I say bowl but in reality I use the cups that come attached to the water cooler- super ghetto) Delish! Combine this with a side of sauteed veggies (made at home and brought into work) or a piece of fruit and this is a definitely a warm, crunchy, filling lunch! My only problem is that I had to give Adele, my officemate, the bag of croutons to hide from me because I started eating them like chips. Mmmm.

Butternut Squash soup: 90 cal, 2g fat- per 1 cup
Croutons: 25 cal, 1.5g fat- per 2-3 croutons


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