Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He put a ring on it :)

There are defining moments in a family’s life- from the births and deaths to the weddings and bar mitzvahs. They shift the family and define the family and ultimately weave the narrative that becomes our lives.

This weekend a chapter in my family narrative was written and I think it's just now hitting me. My cousin Matt proposed to my good friend Rachel and we truly TRULY couldn't be happier. Their union feels like what we all should strive for- they are a continuation of themselves when they are together. They bring out the best in the other. They radiate happiness. They complete each other.

The couple has known one another their whole lives (well all of Rachel’s life, Matt is much much older) but they just started dating a couple of years ago. After we got over the initial shock of "whoa, they’re dating??" we realized that they are a perfect pair and their relationship makes complete sense. Within a month of my move to New York, Matt moved here too. (Half to take an amazing job at Madison Square Garden, half to be near Rachel who lives here…I pretend he also secretly wanted to be near me but that’s neither here nor there).

Living in New York has bound us together as a family, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch them together and hang out with them together and get grossed out by them constantly PDA-ing together. The best part of our countless amount of time spent together is that I find myself happy when I’m around them because they’re so happy.

Andy and his lovely wife Anna his brother Matt and Rachel:

The next generation of Goodmans

Matt is my suave, gorgeously wavy-haired cousin who could do no wrong and Rachel is my beautiful, brilliant friend from college who I’ve always looked up to. My Grandma Letty left Matt with her engagement stone to give to his bride. It’s not a secret that I’ve forever been mildly obsessed with making sure the recipient be well worthy of such an honor. On Friday night, Matt proudly proposed with the precious diamond (beautifully set between two large sapphires) to Rachel Lauren Darrow- the rightful and perfect recipient. I just can’t stop smiling.

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  1. You're right. Matt is much much older. Maybe even a third much is in order. I'm just sayin'