Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The weird food tasting marathon at NYCMedia continues...

This time it was amazing mini-cupcakes brought in by Liza from our great Food Curated show. So I obviously went directly for the bacon cupcake. Sweet sweet lord of all things bacony sweet. It was unreal. No joke. I now am officially jumping on the bandwagon of bacon desserts. (See amazing recipe below holy moly). I didn't even try any of the other little baby cupcakes because I didn't want the bacon taste out of my mouth. You say gross, I say mmmmmmmm.

My BFF at Noble Pig has officially lost her marbles, please just look at what she made.

Pumpkin caramel bars with bacon.

Um what? After my recent transcending bacon-as-dessert experience I am now officially deeming Noble Pig a messiah. I'm going to make these. Don't judge me.


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