Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jamming in our Chrysler Minivan

Tonight's episode of Glee inspired me. Yes, it was weepy and sad and made me think of about how much I love my parents (and even made me question religion?) but that's not the kind of inspiration I'm talking about. Glee inspired me to listen to throwback music on a loop for the past 3 hours. Specifically, music that I remember listening to while driving around with my parents when I was younger. First the Flashback Friday of awesome old games and now this? God, I love being a child of the 90s. Now cut to me and my roommates having a dance party around the apartment to Glee-inspired, Wilinsky-parent-driving music for the past 30 minutes.

I thought I should definitely share some of the fun. Enjoy :)

(if you're new to this- click the linked songs- hit download on the page and it will save in your downloads folder- double click and it will open in itunes)

PS- in a related note: I have such a huge Glee wrap up from the Britney episode just sitting in the draft box that I never finished. So sad. Maybe one day I'll publish it and we'll all smile.

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