Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I don't even know what to say so I haven't written this post yet. Michael Larson aka Eyedea died on Sunday. He was 28 years old. No announcements yet on the cause of his death. Eyedea was one half of the indie hip hop duo, Eyedea and DJ Abilities. The best friends had been creating music together since they were 14 and had since become a headlining group on the Rhymesayers label.

Without hesitation, I can say that there hasn't been an artist to touch my life in the way that Eyedea has. I first listened to Eyedea and Abilities at a time when I was discovering my musical identity. When his words reached from the headphones and jumped into my ears, it was like a lightbulb went off. 6 years later and I still listen to their music every single day.

The loss feels devastating. Like Guru, I feel like I truly had gotten to know Eyedea through the poetry that were his songs. He was raw and emotional and cocky and young and on a quest for happiness. He was a lyricist, a master of the spoken word, a poet. I know that we don't truly know the arts that we feel close to, but Eyedea had a powerful way of opening up through his songs allowing the listener to connect. He didn't just rap autobiographically, he encouraged the listener to think deeper and explore themselves and humanity. I don't know if this was always his intention or if he was just a master freestyler who wanted to put his thoughts out there to be interpreted however the listener wanted. To me, Eyedea felt like my messed up friend next door who enabled me to think differently and listen to music in a whole new way.

The true beauty of it was listening to his effortless lyricism as it seamlessly flowed in tandem with Abilities beats. He made some solo projects but to me, nothing could compare to their partnership. My goal was to see them perform live. They don't come out with new stuff often (By the Throat was released last year after a 5 year hiatus) and he didn't really tour. I'll never get to go. They'll never make more music together. My heart breaks.
When my soul steps to exit this frame, I will be reincarnated as rain.
Everyone wants to get out of the rain, wants to be free, wants to see no more pain.
- Eyedea, Liquid Sovereignty, First Born.

**I can't post music at work but I'll give you some downloads later.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's my cup of tea.

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