Friday, October 1, 2010

Robust with a hint of peanut butter

So. I heard about this glorious thing called the Create Dunkin's Next Donut contest. In celebration of the donut majesty's 60th birthday, DD's put in a call for people to submit their ideas for a new donut. I didn't know about this amazing contest until it was too late but now my head is spinning with ideas of how I could possibly incorporate pop rocks into some donut dough.

The winner of this year's contest was Rachel Davis from Sharon, Mass (Jake and Claire do you know her??). Straight from the streets of Boston, Rachel created the Monkey See, Monkey Donut. It is: A cake donut with bananas foster filling, chocolate icing and topped with Reese's peanut butter shavings. Ya...

I obviously had to try it. But something this disgusting sounding definitely cannot be eaten alone so I brought it to today's pitch meeting and boy, was it the hit. Actually, that's a complete exaggeration..I was the only person that liked it.

Results of the taste test:


I originally took a picture of Dave Evans giving a thumbs up but he made me take another one because he didn't want people to think he liked it.

The filling tastes like banana creme pie and the peanuts on top give it a nice crunch! I was, however, violently nauseous for like 20 minutes after eating just one bite. But that's neither here nor there.


Omg I just looked at this this chick wearing a donut necklace? Amazing.

Aaaaand because Donut Donuts is so hip and with it, they have an interactive build your own donut game on their website! Yay!

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