Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For Ben

I was never going to show this to the public. Yes, it's made it's rounds in email inboxes around the world but no no no...this would never get out. Then Ben texted me and told me to make him smile. And because I'd do anything to make him happy and get over a yucky day:

I present you this.

It was taken at my friend Marni's wedding, no it's not a joke. When the email came from the wedding photographer that the proofs were now ready to be viewed I couldn't wait. I happened to be eating a bowl of cereal at the time...when I came across this picture I spit milk out all over my computer. My "M" key hasn't been the same since.

Benny, I'll do anything to make you smile. Including posting humiliating yet amazing photos of myself online for the world to see. And if that didn't work, here's a picture of Woffie.

And if you neither of those 2 phenomenal pictures made you smile... go get some Fortune Wok, put in your headphones, turn off the lights and listen to this on repeat:

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