Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday

I really couldn't figure out what music video mood I was in for Flashback Fridays. I was thinking along the lines of fun... yet appropriate for Yom Kippur. (That kind of reminds me of how I feel when getting dressed to go out. You know...something that says "I'm classy" with an understated "hint of danger").

This leads me to the following Flashback Friday videos. Hello, welcome to my childhood. I picked the 3 videos my fav musical numbers. I'm sure you'll agree that these really were the best ones. Oo remember at the end when they all donate their pieces of colors to make the girl colorful again? Then they sing make new friends and keep the old? I still know every word to this entire video. I bet you do too. No? We're so not friends anymore.

I totally thought the tan green guy was hot.

All time, all time best part is the video below. The red family with the little baby booty with his cold upon his chest. Omg and their light up house? Dyingggg.

Happy Friday!!! And to all my (chosen) peeps out there: I hope you have an easy and meaningful fast xoxo.

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