Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty please?

I know you guys have been a little confused about how to officially "follow" me and I'm here to help. What does it mean to follow me? Eh, not much but it makes me happy (and it makes me look super popular)! Hop on the bandwagon, all the cool kids are doing it.

Ok see that button on the right hand side of the screen? CLICK!

You have to sign in using an already existing account with any of these lovely options. I know you guys have one of these! So I picked my gmail (google) account and was taken to this screen:

Great! Just put in your password!

Almost done!!! Click that button! Click that button!

You won't get spam mail, or emails or any notifications of any kind. If you go to and click dashboard, you can see my new posts. Other than that- still check in with GMT the way you normally do.

Love ya! Mean it!

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