Monday, September 27, 2010

Glitter Box

I'd say that my TV taste is vast and varied and all-around amazing. Let's just say I have a real knack for separating the trashy TV from the MUST WATCH trashy TV. (Of course, I'm directly referring to one of the best shows on TV today, Toddler's and Tiara's) Here at the Glitter Box, I'm going to work tirelessly to bring you some of the very best in the past week of TV. (Of couse, this will probably last about two weeks)

And away we go.

When Snooki giggles it warms my heart like sound of angels singing.

This is kind of what it feels like to work for city government....

PS- Only funny before Katy Perry and her boobs come into the scene. Stick to music, Katy.

How uncomfortable does this interview make you? Years of watching My So-Called Life and drooling over Jared Leto completely out the window. Crush is officially over.

I wish I could remix my clips for you like this. Someday Glitto'babes. Someday.

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