Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a girl wants

Future rental

I'm going to tell you a little tale. Last year for my friend Ashley's wedding I had a fashion crisis. It was a dress disaster of such a magnitude that for the past year I've been severely scarred. You see, I had a dress in my closet earmarked to wear. A lovely, adorable, beautiful dress. On Thursday I tried it on and it was all wrong. Out of date, fit in all the wrong places, generally horrrrrrible. I know...I'm the idiot who didn't try on my dress until the day before I was leaving but whatever (because here at Glitter Me This we do not focus on the dumb things that I do).

SO I was dressless, out of time
and in a complete panic. I ended up wearing an inappropriately short, very cleavage-y, not very dressy dress to a black tie wedding. Oh... and in an attempt to "dress up the outfit" I wore it with dark red matte lips and a terrible gold necklace. I looked like a trashy trainwreck. Oh god I'm having flashbacks.

When Sarah and Hayden got engaged I vowed to prepare well in advance and dress appropriately for their wedding weekend. Then all my fashion dreams came true. Enter
Rent the Runway. Cue harp music.

The no fee membership to the website grants you entry to a vast closet of beautiful designer clothes to fit any occasion, for a fraction of the retail price. Think of it as netflix for your wardrobe. Dresses can be rented in 4 or 8 day increments. You receive your dress in the mail with a return prepaid envelope pouch.

Wear your dress, look fab, return dirty. They take care of the rest. Oh, and you can also rent jewelry. I know...did I just rock your world?

Just look at this. Can someone please throw a black tie holiday party so I can wear this? Thanks.

A few prior to Sarah's wedding, I made my selections, placed my order and boom! Hello beautiful. I was perfectly prepared, perfectly dressed and had an absolutely perfect weekend. I love you, Rent the Runway!

What I wore:

Dear Ashley, I'm sorry for looking slightly ridiculous at your wedding. I think I've redeemed myself. That shoulder is so fierce it's bananas

Obsessed. Literally obsessed.

Obsessed again. Ohh sweet sweet glittery sparkles.

I know, so hot.

Lovely outfit. Beautiful bride. Amazing wedding.

For some reason Christina Aguilera's song What a Girl Wants kept popping into my head as I wrote this post. I think it sums up my thoughts on RTR quite well:
What a girl wants, what a girl needs. Whatever keeps her happy, sets her free and I'm thanking you for knowing exactly...

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