Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons I love New York #8

The display at my grocery store: Colt45, Honest Kids organic fruit juice and Nesquick. You say irresponsible? I say breakfast of champions.

Taken in the subway this morning. This photo doesn't do the scene justice. There were about 10 guys. HUGE writing on the back of their shirts- "counter terrorism unit." I'm used to seeing police officers but this scene was crazy. Their guns were bigger than me. The first thoughts that popped into my mind were "DON'T FUCK WITH NEW YORK." I tried hiding the fact that I was snapping a picture. A second later the officer pictured to the left came up to me and asked me if I got a good shot. He told me I could get in trouble then smiled a really nice smile. Then he told me that it's his job to notice everything going on around him. I told him I hope so and that I appreciate it. Don't mess with New York.

I was walking a friends dog on Saturday and happily stumbled upon the Howl Festival in Tompkins Square Park. The Howl Festival celebrates all things East Village. It was obviously quite the scene. My favorite part was that lining the park there were huge white panels hanging on fences, sectioned off for different artists to cover. It was incredible.

Twin tower lights.

My favorite.

I heart New York.

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