Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stocking up for winter

Each summer, my music listening habits take a major hit. In those beautiful New York months, I like to hear the sounds of the city around me. I marvel in the chirping and the shouting and the construction drills. It's like hearing the noises of my concrete jungle seem to make it all the more vivid. By the time I get into the subway, I'm usually not in the mood for my earbuds and it's definitely too hot for my big headphones. The subsequent result is a drastic dip in my music life.

Then comes the winter. In those harsh New York months I go into a mental isolation. The city seems to quiet and still with everyone moving quickly from place to place. My huge headphones morph into warm musical ear muffs and my big puffy coat creates the perfect mobile cocoon. I gladly recede into myself and cruise through the city like I'm ice skating through a dream.

As we rapidly approach those chilly, reclusive days, I want to bone up with plenty of cold weather playlists. And I'm offficially taking recommendations starting now....


  1. i just made this one:

    temper trap: fader
    the doors: rider on the storm
    deadmau5: ghosts n stuff
    lotus: spiritualize
    perpetual groove: tsmm
    oar: love and memories
    ra ra riot: can you tell
    ra ra riot: ghost under rocks
    janelle monae: tightrope
    rolling stones: gimme shelter
    phoenix: if i ever feel better
    otis redding: try a little tenderness
    the strokes: hard to explain
    okkervil river: unless its kicks
    silversun pickups: lazy eye
    neil young: love and war
    neil young: heart of gold

    its a clusterf*** of amazingness...hope u like the selection! so jeal that you get to walk the streets of nyc with this music!

  2. so funny, i was going to suggest temper trap, and BAM, jessie nailed it. the whole album is great. also discovery, and of course two door cinema club. enjoy!