Friday, September 10, 2010

F**k you!

Finally!! The official video has been released for the Cee-lo Green bop in your desk chair, stuck in your head all day AMAZING song: Fuck You. I'm totally digging the semi-corny vid. New album drops December 7.

Side note: When I was in Kansas City this past weekend Trope had the song stuck in his head. He sang it non-stop. But just certain lines. He'd get a serious look on his face then turn to me and say things like "I'm sorry, I don't drive a ferrari" in a semi-ghetto, kind of indian sounding voice. He'd get stuck on that line all day then the next day transition to other lines like "I guess she's an xbox and I'm of an atari" Now I can't help but think of him anytime I hear the song- and it always makes me smile.

Side side random tangent note: I've decided one of the benefits to living in NY, not having a car and therefore not listening to radio on a regular basis is... I'm able to truly enjoy pop songs without having them overexposed. For instance- I love Travie McCoy's Billionaire. It makes me bop and smile and dance around in little circles. When I was in Kansas City it came on the radio and everyone in the car groaned. Apparently it's one of the most played songs this summer and has gotten to the point of annoying airplay. But not to me! I've only heard it like 10 times and it's still fresh and new! I think this is probably the case for the Cee-Lo's tune (albeit the edited version.) Yay for New York!

Fuck you!

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