Monday, September 13, 2010


Ben just living the dream with some frat bros at Arrowhead.

HOLY SHIT. That Chiefs victory has left me speechless. Arrowhead looked amazing. The fans brought it. The players brought it. We didn't let up. Seriously. Speechless.

Ben sent me this and I legitimately got choked up. Makes me miss home :(

Ben's cool pix

Andrea, FYI, this is what a Chiefs victory looks like.

In a related note: here is my text message convo with my brother:

Ben: It was insane...and I never got carded...Never.
Me: Every single person that was shown on TV was ugly. Every single one.
Ben: Not what I would describe as an "attractive" crowd...most were from Kstate. It's a Chiefs game, all the hot people are in the suites.

Look at the spiffy hat my Dad got me for the occasion.


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