Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make it work work

While at NYCMedia, I've had the opportunity to produce some really cool content. I’ve been promising to post some of my stories so that the 95% of people in my life who don’t live in New York can see my work. Da-da-da-daaaa. Here is a little sampler. An NYCTV poo poo platter if you will. Enjoy!

Hello, world. This is my baby. It’s a weekly community event calendar called NYC4Free and it airs daily on NYCLife and NYCGov. I’ve gathered a huge collection of shots incorporating a white canvas in different spots around the 5 boroughs. Each week, the calendar looks a little different as I mix up the different shots that I use. I pick the events, the graphics department then puts the words on the canvas’, we voice it over. Boom, boom, boom. If you’re in the NY area, catch new episodes Thursday nights at 9:30pm on Channel 25. It’s pretty adorable if I do say so myself!

The FIT Closet is a super, awesome series I produced for Fashion Week as part of the interstitial series, That’s So New York. The quick, cute one-minute stories went behind the scenes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). We were granted a rare look at “The Closet,” an archive of over 50,000 articles of clothing and accessories dating back to the 18th century.

Um , you guys, this place is amazing. It’s basically an entire floor of the school filled up of racks and racks and drawers and drawers of some of the most historically important pieces of fashion in the world. It’s climate controlled, light controlled and only specialized conservators can touch the items (and they must be wearing white gloves). Often times, designers donate items themselves for preservation. For these stories, the (genius) director of FIT, Valerie Steele, explained the cultural and historical importance of different genres of clothing and accessories.

The shoes episode was definitely the most fun to produce. My absolute favorite in the bunch is a pair of black boots that made me drool. Not kidding- I drooled in front of Valerie Steele. They are Alexander McQueen, he custom made them for his friend Daphne Guinness. She donated them to the collection for preservation. To say they are breathtaking is an understatement.

For the rest of the FIT Closet series and to watch any of the other great programming we have to offer, check out our VOD player (search FIT Closet to see the other 4 shows in the series) or log onto:

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