Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rental kids

I often find myself wanting a little puppy for the day. Something furry and fun to play with that will maybe cuddle with me when it is cold. But just for a day or two then I'm over it.

I also find myself wanting to play with a little baby. Maybe not for a whole day, maybe just an hour or so. You know...a little fellow to waddle around for like 45 minutes and say cute things and then go away. Sort of like a rental program. That's normal right? Play with them until they aren't cute anymore then give them back? I'm pretty sure this conversation is why they invented birth control...

ANYWAY...I would like very much to hang out with this adorable little nugget for a few hours. His name is P-nut and he is a 7-yr old rapper from Memphis. He's actually really good. I wish there was more stuff on youtube of him but for now let's all enjoy this local Fox News story. Yo, P-nut! Come out with more videos!! Want to hang out!?

My favorite line:
Superman wasn't a hero, they never found Nemo, come play with (something) trucks cause all the Tonka's got repo-ed.

If you're a young rapper looking to make it big, P-nut has some advice for you:
Stay in school. Pay attention to your mother. And if you're trying to do the same know if you can do know just do what you I just told you to do and then you'll make it there.

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