Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doing it right

Friday was officially a night of sheer epicness. The monumental sparkle party has left me broke, hungover and above all else- desperately plotting the next time I can wear the Glitter Dress. Is once a week too much? I'm thinking of wearing Glitter Dress every Friday night like a uniform. It would suit all occasions really. Going dancing? Perfect. A night at the movies? Why not? Casual dinner? Let’s jazz things up a bit.

Thanks to everyone who crammed into my little apartment and made the night so so fun. Let’s do it again soon, shall we? I’m officially taking suggestions for the next party theme. Whatever we decide, I think the glo-sticks need to be mandatory. (They were AMAZING for finding friends in the dark bar, and for making friends with bouncers and DJs)

Special super awesome shout out: A huge MAZEL TOV to Aaron Leshtz and Harper Halprin on their engagement!!! He proposed in Central Park, then they came directly to the party to celebrate with their friends. It was amazing. Wishing you guys a life full of health and happiness and sparkles.


Photo credit for the snapshots of glory: Emily Scharnhorst (on a Canon Rebel) and Micah Levy (camera type unknown.)

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