Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maturity down, fun up

I finally started watching Tosh.O after reading numerous articles about how the show is completely dominating airwaves (highest rated show on Comedy Central since the Chapelle Show). The more I watch, the less mature I get. I've never been a big youtube-er, I like it but I don't think people walking into glass doors is worth me wasting hours of my day watching. Apparently, that's the old Lara. Give me a fart joke, a girl getting slapped in the face or a creepy Elijah Wood looking character singing Katy Perry music (amazingness posted below) and I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

I've also rediscovered Texts From Last Night to complete the total maturity downfall. Yesterday I read TFLN at work for a few minutes and I had tears rolling down my face from trying to muffle my own laughter. I think this is the one that got me:

Hahahhah. There were definitely funnier ones but they're not Glitter Me This appropriate, my Grammy reads this. Come on.

Side note #1: Now I just need to convince someone at the networks to adjust the schedule a little bit so that I can better flip between Chelsea Lately and Tosh.O because their commercial breaks are exactly the same time. So annoying.

Side note #2: I also love Tosh.O for the fact that it costs about nothing to produce- the guy stands in front of a green screen the whole show and yet it's Comedy Central's highest rated program. Genius

Wanna know what else is genius? Um. This.

Thanks for the vid, Micah!

1 comment:

  1. I just watched the Amazing Race clip.

    Brunette: "I have the worst headache ever."
    Blond: "I don't doubt it."

    Now that's genius dialogue!!!

    xoxo (that's just xoxo'd you...what are ya gonna do about it)