Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reasons I love New York #10ish

You get to go to cool premieres and see cool people like David Cross.

And at the premieres you get to hear cool Q&A's from the makers of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. (So hilarious, you have to watch it, big Glitto' thumbs up)

Sometimes you get to witness really really talented subway performers. These middle or high school boys had a whole choreographed routine that was so sick I would have paid money to see it. Instead I just put some in their hat.

Daddy's come and visit. My Dad came for an extended business trip and it was the bombbbb. Breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Co, lunch at Katz's, a super amazing awesome Broadway show, we went shopping, we went on an audio walking tour of the old jewish Lower East Side. All and all it was a super amazing awesome weekend.

Evidence of the awesomeness.

Glee clubs sometimes perform at your apartment complex. This little cutie baby was mesmerized. The best part was when this glee club say MIA- Paper Planes complete with gun noises made by their mouths.

You may accidentally find yourself at sweet concerts. I helped Emily with a music video shoot and got to see Nyle perform (finally!!) and it was super awesome amazing. He's having a show for the release of his single next Tuesday night. Who wants to come with me! $10!

Sometimes your friends might help you make a TV show. Susan lending her beautiful handwriting to Weekly Dose. She's so nice. And super awesome.

You may try to take emo poses in bathtubs? The cool new Eventi hotel has cool new bathtubs and I wanted to take a cool pix. I look creepy but look at my pretty boots!

You get to do cool things in parks with thousands of other people. I did the mp3 experiement with Rada and her friends. Read about it here. Awesome video below. It was soooooo super awesome fun.

Bryant Park was taken over.

Sometimes your waiters are aspiring Broadway performers. At Ellen's Stardust Theatre, one of my favorite guilty pleasures in NYC, they sing and dance and it's so super awesome fun.

Sometimes you get to go to funny concerts. Gil and I went to Mike Posner and it was hilarious. I'd say the general age of the crowd was 15 (funny because 99% of the people there had 21+ bracelets on?) The girls in front of us (who, Gil noted, had backgrounds on their phone that said SENIORS FOREVER) were fighting with the people next to them for about an hour because they were "looking at them" and "touching them." We almost saw a prepubescent smack down. But it was great and hilarious and always fun to happily dance around with Gil.

Posner really really loved his crowd. He told us every couple of minutes. We love you too, Posner.

And sometimes you just need to dance on the street. Beautiful moves by beautiful Rada.

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