Friday, October 8, 2010

Someone get me a brown paper bag

I think glitter is always the best way to kick off a long weekend, don't you? I'm straight up hyperventilating over OPI BURLESQUE.

According to All Laquered Up, this is OPI's response to the widely popular Alice and Wonderland series. THANK YOU DEAR DEAR OPI FOR ANSWERING ALL OF MY PRAYERS. When Mad as a Hatter hit the scene I went on a relentless quest all over NYC to find the glorious bottle of multi colored perfection. (Although Lippmann's Happy Birthday is still far-and-away better)

Unfortunately, I do agree with ALU's review- the satisfaction of the beautiful glitter on your nails almost isn't worth it when it comes time to try to remove the polish. Ho-hum. Look at these colors though! Here are a couple of my favs. (note: All Lacquered Up lady puts one coat on her ring finger, 2 coats on the middle and 3 coats on her pointer finger to show you the difference in application)


I decided that Sparkle-licious should be my stripper name if the TV industry doesn't work out.

Glow up already!

And while we're on the subject of sparkles. Looky here at what I just found by Lippmann. I think I like these even more than the Burlesque line.

I might frame this pic and put it in my room somewhere, it's so beautiful.

Across the Universe

Bad Romance

::sigh:: Glitter just makes me so happy.


  1. manicure party? i'm all about that bad romance shade. clearly it is a dance party in a bottle.

  2. I love the purple one. I think its fabulous!!!!

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