Monday, October 25, 2010

Texts from Bets Vol. 2

This lil' bit of perfection came in the form of a voicemail left on my work phone this morning:
Oh hi, I'm just saying good morning. I'm getting ready to drive to work, I'm putting on a clear coat first. Gosh, when can you do a clear coat if you don't have a car? Like when do you have time in the morning? Hm, I bet that's a problem. I got my boots out of the garage this morning, my tall black boots like you have in tan. And already my sock is scrunching underneath my foot and um, that's it. And I love you and I'll talk to you soon.
Backstory: So. My mom has this habit of putting on her clear coat of nail polish right as she gets into the car each morning and then holds the steering wheel ever so gently as it dries while she drives. She is also the master of putting on lip liner while the car is in motion.

Both of these things seemed completely normal and routine throughout my childhood until I got old enough to realize my mom has probably been semi-putting my life in jeopardy daily to maintain a beautiful manicure. Just kidding, Mom! I'm exaggerating...she only applies the clear coats before she drives or at red lights. The lip liner on the other hand...

This totally explains why nail polish fumes remind me of cars. And for the record, her nails always look fantastic.

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