Monday, October 25, 2010

Glitter! this?

Oh you know, just awkwardly taking pics on my phone of things that are glittery. Only mildly creepy.

Please excuse my horrible, already being affected by the dry weather, nails and just look at the color! Extravaganza from the new OPI Burlesque line. Yippee skippie.

Who needs vajazzling when you can just do it right on top of your head? I'm seriously considering shaving my head, because then at least all of that hard work would be much more visible than the buried in my panties alternative. Right?

2 girls, 1 bus, BOTH SHADES OF TOM'S GLITTER SHOES. I almost peed but instead I made sure I turned the sound down on my phone and stalkerishly took a picture. (Upon further inspection it looks like the silver shoed lady was really just wearing a boring old pair of flats, not the glorious Toms. Whatever, I'll take it.)

Creepiest post ever?

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