Friday, January 29, 2010

Glitt'o Pup of the Day- SOPHIE

A travesty has been done on my part and I must apologize to my loyal readers. I have written
on this blog for over two weeks-ish and there has not been ONE mention of the ultimate Glitt'o Pup of the Day- my beloved and oh so fluffy- Sophie Ann Wilinsky. I am SO sorry. Fret not my friends, I will tell you about her now.

Please note: I only had access to the Sophie pictures that are on my computer- I don't have the puppy pictures but I will get them soon and put them up, I promise!

Because something this cute deserves multiple posts.

Teenager years

My little Georgia peach came into our lives via a classified ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 1999. I saved up my money, studied some puppy books and pleaded with my parents until they reluctantly agreed to let me buy her. It was a big decision. Sophie would join our family as the younger sister to The Best Dog in the World, Buddy. At the time, Buddy was already about 7 or 8 (we never knew his exact age) and while always docile by nature, he had definitely started to slow down over the years. We (including Buddy) drove 3 hours into rural Georgia to pick up the fluffiest little white ball of adorableness you've ever seen. She slept in a box next to my bed that first night and I was in love.

Neighborhood Doggie Pool Party '08 (same party as the Glitter Me This logo picture of Jack)

From day one, Sophie was the second in command. (The beta dog?) First with Buddy, later with Jack- Sophie was always content following around her alpha male brother.Watching our two dogs wrestle became our favorite past time. Sophie would happily flop over on her back and kick up her legs whenever Buddy (or Jack) would gain too much control over her.

....funny, that's the same approach I used to take with Ben when we would wrestle (lay down, kick furiously and when all else failed, call time out when he gained too much control) worked like a charm everytime.

High school senior pictures- Sophie and Jack made an appearance

Sophie loves to be tucked in small areas and when she was a baby she used to squeeze herself between pieces of furniture. When she started to grow, we would notice the furniture kept being shifted around because she couldn't quite fit in her favorite spots. To this day, you can usually find Sophie under the kitchen table or smushed inconveniently between the couch and the coffee table.

Stay tuned for part 2 soon...I'm impressed you've made it this far.

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  1. this picture could win an award, let alone all these pictures!!! with the two most gorgeous dogs and one of the most beautiful woman ever, this picture is priceless. (although you could win some money for it lol)