Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes with a splash of sangria

Where to start, where to start?

I wanted to do a whole post- Golden Globes-wrap up but apparently it's hard to find red carpet pictures off the internet because they are all in slide shows. Don't they know people want to steal these pictures? Why do they have to make it difficult? It's annoying and inconsiderate, really. So this will be a much more slimmed down version of what I was planning. Whatever.

A few of my favorite ladies and I started off the evening by cooking the plum chicken recipe I told you about in an earlier post. Accompanying the meal was yummy broccoli and a LARGE pitcher of white sangria. The chicken was delicious- however the sauce would just not get syrupy like the recipe called for. Stacy was not happy. Everyone else really seemed to like it, I had 3 glasses of sangria with dinner and thought the chicken was AMAZING. Coincidence? Jaime's cookies for dessert and lots more sangria. Obviously.

Golden Globes time:
I thought the stage was beautiful and I love how the Golden Globes is a dinner affair- it makes it so much more formal.

Favorites of the night:

PERFECTION. I'm a complete sucker for a sweetheart cut dress and this cut/color/fabric combo on Lea Michele was amazing. Combined with the emerald earrings, so beautiful. This is my favorite of the night. I have kind of the same coloring, maybe I'll start rocking dark green earrings or eye makeup.... hmm. Now if I could only sing like her...

Glitterrrry. The more I saw this dress, the more I loved it. Perfect colors on her. Her show, United States of Tara, is a must see. I'm just sayin'.

While this is not necessarily my favorite dress of the night, I thought it was worth mentioning that Helen Mirren is always the most well dressed older woman in Hollywood. She picks out the most flawless necklines, colors and shapes for her body. Last night's awards were no exception. She's such a hottie.

Gorgeous dress, adorable couple. I think the hair and jewelry combo complimented the dress beautifully.

Other favs:
Cameron Diaz (only because she was the only one in red, so smart. Minus points for the black platform shoes)
Heidi Klum (the woman can do no wrong)
George Clooney's hot date (you know it's good when she's the date and she steals the spotlight from the famous actresses)
Courtney Cox (her earrings were breathtaking, so were her lip injections).


What's the deal with the exaggerated closed toe platforms with the formal dresses? I saw so much of this last night- am I missing something here? It's too much look. I hate it.

Oh, hello Jessica McClintock Spring 2002 collection. Not the best pick for one of the biggest nights of her career.

All and all, I was pretty underwhelmed by the clothes last night. The really bad ones:
Mariah Carey and her boobs
Annalynne Mccord and her boobs
January Jones looking very funeral chic
Tina Fey and her hula hoop
Julianne Moore and the dress that the designer forgot to cut

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