Thursday, January 14, 2010

This little GEM is where I worked today

Tucked away in a pretty little building in an even prettier loft in the garment district is a little slice of heaven: The Charlotte Tarantola showroom. I had the opportunity to work there today (thank you to my fabulous roommate, Jaime, for the much needed job placement). I walked in this morning, apprehensive for this tempy-busyworky- job and boom! Sparkles and feathers and flowers, oh my! Well hello there, how do you do? So yes, my day was busy-worky...there was much phone answering and filing done but did I mention the feathers? And it didn't hurt that the employees were very nice too. I'll be working there again tomorrow. They saw my new phone case and asked me back immediately.

I apologize in advance for the iphone photo quality.

Feather pens. I died.

Charlette Tarantola also designs Laquette- which I was drooling over all day.

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  1. This is so amazing. Where is this? And what kind of store is it?