Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a peahead

Title has nothing to do with the post but woo boy did I used to love that song. (Andy Milonakis anyone?) Now it just reminds me of my mom because she has a very teeny peahead. ANYWAY point of the post is that I cooked the pea ravioli recipe (found here) and it was yummmmy.

The grocery store was carrying gorgonzola and mascarpone stuffed raviolis- it definitely made this dish, and is definitely making my mouth water right now thinking about it. We used tub butter (technical name) instead of the real stuff and half the amount of pasta. Perfect go-to recipe when you want something light and easy for dinner. I'm going to make this often. Oh and we made a side of baked carrots (sliced carrots, cookie sheet, pam, salt and pepper- so so soo good).

One day my photos will look like the beautiful blogs that I read, for now, dear readers- you're stuck with these iPhone beauties.

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  1. Your pictures are just as beautiful and I'm so happy you're cooking!! I'm going to make this for myself now. I can tell you staged out the picture with the water in the background.lol