Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

June's story is one of the love and snuggles and overall dark red perfection. Junebug Allard bulldozed her way into my best friend Whitney's heart last year after her owners decided they could no longer care for her. Whitney took one look at that face and brought her home.

Random note on why I love Whitney: She was a wildlife studies major and overall lover of all animals, yesterday she was leaving a message on my answering machine when she spotted an endangered bald eagle while she was driving and got distracted and had to hang up the phone. I wish I could play the message for you, it's hilarious. But I digress...

June flops over in joy when you pet her, moves around her eyebrows in a way that makes me crack up and has the selective hearing of a bratty teenager. She wiggles her entire body when she wags her tail and is constantly smiling. She also follows Whitney everywhere including the bathroom- it can get kinda awkward.

Watching Whitney and June together makes you understand why people have dogs.

June and Whitney- matching Snuggies '10

If you really want- you can friend June on Facebook. She is always looking for new friends.



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