Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The reason I love New York #1

Buried deep underneath the bustling New York streets is The Reason I Love New York #1. In the busiest spot in one of the busiest subway stations (Times Square) there is an electronics store. Outside of the store there are several large TVs behind some plexiglass.

New York friends, you totally know what I'm talking about.

The TVs play all sorts of things, at all times of the day- music videos, basketball games, cooking shows. And without fail there is always a crowd standing around watching. For some reason this completely cracks me up. Every time. Without fail, I laugh. It's like people haven't seen TV before and are mesmerized. Usually it's men standing around watching, and several homeless people.

Funniest moment I've witnessed at the Times Square TVs was yesterday. There was a boxing match being shown and a homeless man was air boxing in front of the TV. Everyone around him was cheering him on. Hilarious. I love New York.

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