Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Absent wife

Ohhh glitterbabes, is this how our relationship is going to be now? I get busy, duties get neglected, dinner's not ready by the time you get home. We fight, you end up sleeping on the couch.

Is this how the working girl Lara blogs? Say it ain't so! Hopefully it won't continue to be like this.

You see my sparkly little friends- this past week has left me utterly exhausted. I have 3 stories going on air by Thursday and up until 4 days ago I literally had no idea what I was doing (not sure if I even do yet). I'm definitely experiencing getting thrown in the deep end and figuring out how to swim.

But ooo the excitement! Highlights:
-writing scripts (for NYC Oscar week!)
- directing a 5 person shoot at New York Magazine
- working with professional editors and watching my stories come together right before my eyes.

I'm not allowed to embed my stories on my site but I can definitely link so stayed tuned!

My desk! A little sparse while I get settled in but 3 monitors?? Not too shabby!

I was going to write a totally ragin' weekend recap filled with pictures of food (Caracas! and Frank!) and fashion (NEW.GLITTERY.TOP.) but alas I lost my iPhone and pictures of Caracas! and NEW.GLITTERY.TOP along with my zest for the written word.

I'm tired, pictureless and semi-out of touch with life. I'll be more fun soon I promise.

In the meantime, lookie what I made for the kitchen!!!

I know, so adorable.

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  1. This is so clever! You're so creative. And I can't believe you are doing so much exciting stuff right now! Enjoy it