Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Make 'em say oh oh oh oh

It's. just. so. sparkly. I'm speechless. All of that glitter can go on my nails??

Please ladies, let me introduce you to the Alice and Wonderland line by OPI. This line is pretty much old news by now but I couldn't go another minute without posting about it on this glittery blog. I get into such nail polish ruts during the fall/winter. Everything else seems so drab during this cold weather- I just want to pep it up a little with some nail fun! Why not!?

I'm going gaga for the Mad as a Hatter pictured below. It is everything I want in a nail polish right now- glittery, interesting and metallic. I think I'm going to buy it tomorrow as a new job present to myself.

Mad as a Hatter reminds me of my OBSESSION from Lippmann Collection called Birthday Party. Pictured below (and at the top of the post). I had been holding out buying it because it was $18 and that was about how much money I had in my bank account but now with the release of Mad as a Hatter for $8 my nails can finally be glittery! Yippee!!

Birthday Party!

Absolutely Alice. Wow-o-wow. Pretty to look at, maybe a little too much for the office.

It makes me say oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohhh

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