Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

Meet Oliver. You can call him Jolly Olly. That's what his family calls him because he's so happy.

So.. this is Olly playing in the fountain by my mom's chiropractor in San Diego. As my mom was leaving her appointment yesterday she noticed there was a crowd gathered around this fountain. It's the kind where water just randomly shoots up from little holes in the ground. Olly had been chasing the water for 45 minutes by the time my mom stopped to watch him.

She took this video from her phone. 45 minutes he had been doing this. Apparently he was kind of losing steam but then this huge crowd started to gather around him and he picked up a second wind. More video of his water chasing is apparently on YouTube but I can't find it. My mom said it was so hilarious.

PS. Olly and his mommy and sister were getting ready to leave, one of the people in the crowd came up to them and asked if they could wait 15 minutes because one of his friends was on his way to come watch.

PPS. That is his little sister in the video and the mommy told my mom that she just wants to walk him everywhere and like pull him around and he weighs double what she does and its so funny.

PPPS. Olly was able to guess which hole the water was going to come out of next but according to the maintenance man who had also stopped to watch- the water came out on a totally random cycle leaving my mom and Olly's mom to guess that he could feel the vibrations in the ground. Not as funny, but interesting none the less.


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