Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm missing Holden Caulfield

My recent book acquisitions (thanks, Mom!) have inspired me to finally begin FAVORITE BOOK QUEST 2010. I have long been dissatisfied with my personal book collection here in New York. My (soon to be mosaic-ed and subsequently blogged about) book shelves consist of random books I've read throughout the year, college textbooks and a couple of oldies from back in the day. Definitely not a representation of my true book taste. So, I complied a list of all of the books that I love..the books that have shaped me. (Yes, most are from middle school/high school but whatever. Don't judge)

On FAVORITE BOOK QUEST 2010, I want to eventually get all of the books on my list. I'm going to start stopping at the sales at Strand and spend some extra time at those book tables on the street. I'm not going to force these books into my life- I''ll just keep the list tucked in the back of my mind. Hopefully I will acquire them gradually and perhaps with some interesting stories involved. The idea of this ongoing city scavenger hunt feels exhilarating.



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  1. Elizabeth George Speare, Sign of the Beaver
    and Hatchet