Monday, February 1, 2010

Love, Aaron

A shout out to my friend, Aaron, who perpetually sends me awesome music videos and doesn't get enough thanks for it. I love them Bud, keep 'em coming.

This is a diddy by a Mr. Chris de Burgh. I don't know who he is and I'm not in a researching mood but I can tell you several things:

1) This video is an epic experience. Neither a positive or negative opinion being inserted here, just a fact that this little film is totally trippy.

2) Completely religious- possibly evangelical. I didn't realize it for like 20 seconds and then BAM! Hello, Baby Jesus and parting clouds. There is a 1500-comment religious debate on it's Youtube page. Whatever- it's trippy.

3) If you were to just listen to the song and not watch the video, it could be about something entirely different.

Hold on, kids.

Other recent Aaron selections: (both songs on Youtube, no actual video. I'll get you an mp3 if you ask me for it.)

Things to know:

1) They're both incredibly weird haha.
2) Aaron now lives in London and not only has diversified his music taste but has also picked up fun words like mate.

I think I like this one.

Very London.

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