Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainbow glitter city

Somewhere in a land of make believe, far far away, there lived a small boy. This mischievous little fellow found a jumbo sized pixie stick in the back of his pantry. But in this land of make believe the jumbo pixie sticks are made of rainbow glitter because that's more fun. So he ate his glittery pixie stick that comes in those tubes and became very hyper. He ran in circles around the living room, he zig-zagged through the bedrooms and he hopped up and down the staircase, until he finally came to a dizzying stop in the living room. The boy had landed smack in front of the large fireplace and even larger mantle. His eyes went directly to the snow globe sitting in the middle of the wooden ledge.

It was a beautiful scene- a little island with tall, tall buildings, hundreds of baby taxi cabs and miniature hot dog vendors on the streets and little dots for people walking around. With his little hands and glitter rainbow sugar running through his body, he began to manically shake that snowglobe. He shook and shook and shook with all his baby might. Soon, the taxi cabs and tall buildings and all the mini hot dog vendors were covered in the powder. For hours and hours he shook the globe- he just didn't let up. Up and down and around and around he shook that snowglobe.

And as the glittery pixie stick sugar started to wear off and his hands got rather weary he looked into the globe and all he saw was white. For all the the tall, tall buildings and baby taxi cabs and miniature hot dog vendors were missing their color. So he cut a hole in the top of the globe and poured the glittery rainbow pixie stick right in. Up and down and around and around he shook that snowglobe again. Glitter flakes fell and coated the buildings and taxis and hot dog vendors. And soon all of New York was a snowy, glittery, rainbow.

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