Saturday, February 6, 2010

"It's for my fashion blog"

Last night on the subway I asked a girl if I could take a picture of her for my "fashion blog"...with my iPhone...hahaha.

Here's the thing- she had on the single most perfect outfit I've ever seen. I had to document it.

DAMN MY IPHONE!!! Yo can't see any details so I'll describe.

1) Those shoes. They are black suede booties but do you see how they dip down in the front? I have to have them. Does anyone know who makes these glorious shoes!!!? Seliger, this is where you come in.
2) Perfect black high waisted super tight vintage jeans with gold buttons up the side of the calves.
3) THE JACKET. Shiny. Leather. Shoulder pads. Can you see those shoulders in the picture? Are you dying?
4) Ultra short black gloves with like cut outs at the top and gold buttons (they were amazing just take my word for it)
5) Super cool scarf that was like pockets folded into itself (you can kind of see it in the pic)
6) The most amazing pair of headphones. Oh my god. They were black and huge and really flat.

This is just another example of how bad I need a good camera. I'm not talking about a point and shoot. I want the real thing. This blog could totally be a really amazing photography blog if I just had the right tools. Grr. Now accepting donations?

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  1. La, Go to booties on and look at the Joan and David style call Hartman...they look a lot like these