Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blockhead show review

Friday night I went to the Blockhead show at Mercury lounge in the Lower East Side. While I had a great time, I felt a familiar sense of sadness creep over me. Unfortunately I've felt this way at every concert I've been to since living in NY- it's just not the same as the Lawrence music scene and I feel a huge sense of loss. New York does a lot of things better than my old college town but live music just isn't one of them.

In Lawrence, there is an electricity in the air and everyone feels it. The artists play longer, they play harder and without fail at the end of each show they thank the crowd for their unwavering energy. I'll never forget the sense of pride I felt hearing artists continuously praise Lawrence.

Blockhead is from Brooklyn, it was his album premiere in a small, basement like venue- this had amazing written all over it. Yet... the fans didn't really bring it, Blockhead wasn't really feeling it, and when the show ended early...I wasn't that surprised. Another NY concert, another lackluster show. Will some artist please prove me wrong..I'm begging you!

Although after all of this ranting, I do have to admit...getting to go to Katz's Deli after a concert is pretty cool. Oh New York, it's such a love/hate with you sometimes.

Although after all this ranting part 2, now that I think about it...maybe Blockhead just sucks live...

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