Friday, February 12, 2010

A single proclamation

Feeling pensive and passive and rather perturbed
A penchant for music that is slightly disturbed
Kicking the pebbles with each one of my steps,
Pondering where life will take me next.

Passionate persuasions speak from melting snow
Indicating its time to let the past go.
So I'll dust off the pebbles and continue down the road
Patiently anticipating what the future might hold.

1 comment:

  1. the Pretender

    Amidst thwarted kings crowns
    and burglarized barnacle bars,
    a' throne lies our great Pretender
    pockets packed with hours of ours

    His escapades delightful,
    His smile unbesmirched,
    His coruscating crowns cosmeticize
    His character of dirt

    And as us minions leave the court
    distressed, disillusioned and disturbed
    we bid you adiedu! Oh, great Pretender
    to wallow and to weep, while unheard

    wrote this about a kid in my house going the wrong way but it could serve multiple meanings. Hope you like it. Love you!