Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Saints

Saints won! I'm really just happy because my friends are happy, because New Orleans deserves it, and because of the picture above. Holyyy moly. God bless Reggie Bush.

I definitely missed a lot of commercials due to all of the mini weenie eating but these are the ones I liked that I saw.

Favorite commercial of the night...I cried...

Stacy just told me this is Google's first commercial ever. Cool.

Other favs (and by the way- how crazy is it these are already up on youtube?)

Not even that great..I just like the homage to the Simpsons.

I can't find the Flo TV commercial that I liked and I can't think of anymore. Someone leave a comment on here and tell me the good ones.

PS. The weenies were AWESOME- as if french bread could stop me from eating mini-weenies.

I also made the dip, it looks so gross in the picture but tastes soo good going into my tummy.

[Previously posted photo removed because my mom thought it looked too disgusting]

Ugh I can't breathe.

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