Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy's Part CINCO

SOMEONE REMIND ME WHY EVA LONGORIA IS THERE. Omg because of Justin Bieber? Is this for real?

Usher is coming on stage with Bieber. I feel uncomfortable. They both talk in a sort of wisper like they are trying to sex me with their voices. I appreciate this with Usher. Stop doing this Bieber it makes me feel very yucky.

Ok…liking his guitar on a stool breakdown. Ooooo pickin up the pace a little bit. Omg ninja bongos??? What is this. Get it get it get it.

Ninja dancing with little swords how am I still bored? Maybe it’s because this song sucks. I’ll say never. NEVER. NEVER.

YESSSS PLEASE JADEN SMITH BREAK IT DOWN. Jaden Smith makes me a little too excited to admit on a public space such as this. Awww look at Jada and Will cheering.

Usher comin in with the fog machine. I’m now dancing with my Reese’s…please stop judging me. What are you doing? Eating Doritos and picking your butt?

I really love a good Usher breakdown. You make me want to say oh oh oh oh Usher. Cool dance sequence between the Biebs and Usher. Where is Jaden I miss him. Ew Usher got way sweaty.

Best rock album being announced. Already bored.

Selina Gomez and Donnie Walberg presenting together? Ha.

Whoa is an intense category. Gaga won. OHHH MYYYY GOD. LOOK AT WHAT SHE’S WEARING. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahha



Oh god she’s going to go into the monster speech that she does ugh. She has horns. Gaga has horns.

Wow Selena Gomez really really looks hot.

We get it Gaga. Adversity. We know. Whitney Houston shout out? Interesting.

John Mayer actually is starting to really really freak me out- what’s wrong with him.


Ooooo Mumford & Sons sing to me. Sing to me, sweet sweet beautiful boys. Please let Dylan actually pick up a guitar and or harmonica right now unlike his recent (disappointing) concerts. Mumford is amazing. Best performance of the night so far.

Avett Bros time. I want the Mumford hotties back. But this is beautiful. Will there be some big collaborative finale with everyone?


And kind of weird lighting.

BOB DYLAN time. Please have a guitar.

OOOOOOOOOO MAGGIES FARM. MAGGIE’S FARM!!! Don’t care bout the guitar anymore. Sing it for me. Damn it he sounds terrible but how awesome is this group?? Yes yes yes yes. Ok he still sounds like himself, just a little scratchier. God this must be soo cool for all of these guys. Loving this. I love crazy Bob Dylan.

YES YES YES YES harmonicaaaaaaa!!! ……for 5 beats. I’ll take it. Haha Bob Dylan is such a grouchy badass.

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