Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars! Part TROIS

Marissa Tomei, I love her so I won't publican berate her but...she'll absolutely be on all the worst dressed lists.

Hilary Swank. I probably should love this dress because it combines the 2 things I love more than anything in the world: glitter and feathers but um. Lame. I just picture her as a man and I can't handle when she gets dressed up. I also hate the hair. I love the dress just please, not on her androgynous self.

Helena Bodham Carter- same ole same and I love her for it. (Colin Firth looks hot and Geoffery Rush looks like a madman- quick who gets the reference?)

Nicole Kidman sighting. Can't tell yet but I think I don't like it. However, Keith Urban I can eat with a spoon and a cherry on top.

Queen Helen Miren: Love the hair, it ages her but she looks flawless as always.

YOU GUYS I hate to say this....CELINE DION. Ummmm surprise best look of the night? Is anyone completely speechless over how good she looks and how beautiful her dress is?

HALLE BERRY SIGHTING. Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh my oh. I think I might be speechless? I absolutely love that color on her, the tulle, the hair, the cut. And can I say something weird? You know how she's in that race fight with her ex? I think she looks especially dark tonight- like sometimes she totally looks very light and tonight she doesn't and I just wanted to throw it out there.

REEEEESE OMG YOU GUYS. REESE. Ohhh her hair. I just freaked out. They just showed her in a car. More to come of me hyperventilating.

Ok I see the whole thing now. Reese: My immediate feelings are: Julia Roberts dress from the oscars years ago combined with her playboy bunny costume from Legally Blonde. Don't you totally agree? I love it and I love her hair. Kinda plain but the hair is puuuurfection. I want to squeeze her little cheeks.

Sidenote/correction: I just saw a still picture full body shot of Amy Adams and it's absoultely stunning. STUNNING. Lose the necklace baby but you get it girl. Gooooo Muskies.

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