Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy's Part SEEEIS

Lady Antibellum time. Sorry Andrea Clift but…this means DVR time. They’re good but come on I’m falling asleep. Where is Gwyneth Paltrow already? Thank you lady Antellbelum for that, I needed to take a pee break anyway.

Best Country Album. Another pee break? Ok fine, more Reese’s.

OOOOO ooooo cee lo time!!!!!!! Gwyneth!!!!?? EE eeeeeee. And the puppets. Oh god. I’m so excited.

Omg look at that set.

CEE LO THERE ARE NO WORDS. Gwyneth. Feathers. I can’t type fast enough. I can’t. I just can’t handle this. I’m not kidding. I’m sweating. OH MY GOD HER SHOES. I might pass out. She’s on the piano. I can’t even write commentary to this. Obviously this was the best most unreal part of the show. YES. Thank you this show is now complete. There was a puppet pug in a parrot costume I mean? I need to take a breath.

Neil Patrick Harris please talk to me you perfect man you.

KATY PERRY PERFORMANCE. Please blow me away. Please.

I see sparkles? Obviously, yes. I think I need sparkle tights. Please zoom in on her nails pleaseeeeeee. I hope that swing starts swinging over the stage cirque de soliel style. Oooo something is happening.

Swing is moving. We have swing movement. Ohhhh myyyyy gooddddd wedding footage? Wedding footage? Wow. Ok. Kind of dying.

Ok we’re picking it up. Valentine montage!!!?? HERE WE GO!!!

Dancing with my Tostitos and Reeses. (is this why my brother is my valentine and I’m single?? Shut up).

La la la I love this la la la la. Aaand I’m officially singing along. Oh Katie. You melt my glitter pop sparkle girlie heart.

Is that Norah Jones??? Oh my god. OMG OMG OMG JOLEEN COVER???????

MY HANDS ARE SWEATING. Norah. Oh my god. This is too much. Seriously though, do you think John Mayer is sick or something?

Don’t stop singing!!!!!! Keep going!!!! Why is this song ending??

SONG OF THE YEAR. I can’t get over how good Norah looks and how messed up John Mayer is. Lady Antebellum wins. Whatevsies.

Seth Rogan just made a Miley weed joke. YES. God I love him.


Why don’t I ever like what she wears? I can’t get enough of her red hair though. Great makeup. Adam Levine you pound that piano.

Very fire-y. Bored.

I hearrrr Em. Come out of the flames like a pheonix why don’t you?

Mmmm I love me some Eminem. Rihanna looks intense. Such an ugly dress.

Dancing dancing on my couch.

Who is this person? She’s hot? I’m happy so Eminem is back in my life, I really did miss him. Seriously who is this girl? And why won’t they go to a close up? She sounds like the Cranberrys.

Kinda bored….oh you too?


Fresh kicks Dre. I’m bored with this set design. Damnit that was so underwhelming.

Ok really quickly can I just say…..that performance totally sucked but those few right before it (Cee Lo, Norah, Katy Perry etc.) were transcending. Moving on.

New artist: If its Bieber I’m done.

The winner is…um….who?? Who is this person? Please don’t judge me for not knowing. Love her dress and love her hair. Giiiiirllll. I have a feeling this was a big upset? Great speech. Great shoes.

Awkward Grammy Academy speech. I hate not being able to fast forward. And now we’re going into the legacy tribute. I’m tired.

Oooooo a little Mick Jagger?? Ok. Thank you. Kinda fun he’s such a performer.

How much longer are these on? I’m exhausted.

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  1. this is the best part of my morning-reading your recap. i actually thought last night when I wasnt watching this show-oh no worries-ill see it online at work all day and Ill just read Lara's comments. HA love u