Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok ok ok I know it's been a whole lotta videos lately and not a whole lotta talking.

This makes some of you very angry with me. I KNOW. I pretend I can't feel your anger seeping through the computer screen and staring into my soul. So I close my eyes and plug my ears a bunch of videos.

I promised myself I wouldn't post anymore videos until I wrote a real wordy post. But I often break my self-promises (like learning to play the guitar, piano, riding a bike with no hands, solving a rubik's cube...just to name a few of my life failures).

Sometime I'll tell you the story of why I quit piano. It's a real doozy that involves Cherry Coke, incessant burping and a grossly overweight teacher. But that's for another day.

I am posting this video as a way to show my undying love for the band Destiny's Child (RIP) and my rapidly increasing excitement for SUNDAY.

My Sunday excitement scale:

the actual football game
making this
watching the new GLEE

And because I know the people that read my blog are the kind of people that wouldn't mind also watching the orig Bills Bills Bills vid:

Ok no more videos for a while. Maybe.

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